About google pagerank

4 Oct

About google pagerank

What is page rank

Pagerank is a number assigned to a website page from 1-10 that gives a hint to the authority of that webpage. Pagerank is very important as the higher the pagerank the more authority and trust google places on that website (However, pagerank may count for nothing if what the website is talking about is not related to the what the website is about and a authority of.. for example a movie website talking about gardening).
Pagerank is increased by good quality do follow links pointing to the website which pass link juice from other websites. It used to be the case that webmaster could spam thousands of low quality links to improve their pagerank but this is no longer the case thanks to the google penguin update that checks the link quality of the links. Now only good non spam and natural links that are not created for pagerank boosting but for users will only do now.

Because pagerank is only updated every couple of months we cannot always guess what our websites pagerank is or isnt.

When is the next google pagerank update?

Many webmasters rely on google page rank to tell them what how powerful their website is in the eyes of google. It has been quite some months (a little longer than usual since the last page rank update). Many seo’s think that pagerank is dead? Is it? Or is google just not telling us anymore what our pagerank is? It is quite clear from the serps that the most dominant websites are big authority website with BIG pagerank… Declaring pagerank dead would be declaring authority websites dead in google which is not the case. We dont know for sure if google have decided to stop updating us on all our pageranks but what we do know for sure is that pagerank and authority of a website helps with seo and will continue to help with seo.

How pagerank can decrease

Page rank can decrease if:

  • Links pointing to the webpage/site are removed. Removal of links will reduce link juice flow and decrease page rank and authority.
  • Manual action, manual spam action can mean a reduction in your pagerank if you are found breaking the google guidelines for example selling links to pass pagerank.Loads of spammy outbound irrelevant links…
  • Hacked website, websites that have been hacked are usually filled with invisible spam links if caught this can effect your websites authority.
  • Deleting loads of pages with links pointing to them. Links pointing to 404’s do not pass link juice onto the linking website, this means that your pagerank could be decreased if many of your links to your website point to 404 pages instead of real pages.

Pagerank really isn’t everything, and just because there is a website in your niche that has a high pr doesn’t mean that you cannot overtake them in the serps.. With better seo and more relevant links to your website aimed specifically at what your niche is about you may find yourself outranking even the biggest of websites like amazon or ebay.

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