22 Jul


I’m so angry at the moment! I bought 2 different domains on godaddy to start to different new fresh blogs.. I got going on them and started blogging away and all of a sudden on both of them I start getting abuse in the comments by petty people saying that I have stolen the original blog owners site. What?! I did some research and there both the blogs were owned before I used them… but the amount of garbage these people who are commenting are leaving are leaving just shows how petty and stupid some people are!

I did some digging and it turns out both domains were previously owned by two liberal women and thus had a very liberal way of blogging and a very liberal following.. I HATE THE LIBERALS I ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL (THEY ARE EVIL)!

Both domains I bought were not cheap… but apprently I am a sick person for buying them despite the fact they were in auction and if I buy them some chinease spammer would have… anyway. But they are just domains MY DOMAINS now. But for one of the domains the previous owner commented saying that she was going to get things sorted to get the domain back because she hought I hacked the site or something… which is not true. Otherpeople commenting started calling me names and other rubbish…. I feel like giving them a mouthful back but its the internet.. who cares I am not going to stoop to their insignificant level of existence.

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