Bye bye ads

Recently I have been trying to get rid of ads when I am “surfing” the internet.. I hate the little popups and the sidebar annoying ads trying to always sell me something but the ads I hate the most of all are youtube ads! Some ads like the ads on google search are super hard to tell that they are ads.. so I want them gone as I dont want to be exploited. So I decided to get adblockplus for firefox which is meant to get rid of all ads….. it got rid of the annoying youtube ones and the ads on peoples sites but annoyingly it didnt get rid of the search results ads which to me are the most manipulative and sly ads of all of them. Reason, because adblockplus is getting bribed about $20 million a year by google not to block their search result ads…. How bad is that! So I have been looking around to see if there are any other blocker addons I can get to finally silence these ads once and for all… and I came across ad block edge which aint getting bribed by google and block everything… had no problems with it so far and get no annoying popups, and haven’t seen anything stupid in a while.

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