Cheap webhosting is rubbish

13 Oct

Cheap webhosting is rubbish

If your thinking of getting your own website you will need web hosting. But something you should keep in mind when thinking about getting hosting is you need good hosting because with a lot of scammers out their you may find if your not careful you end up getting a website that you cannot even go on at all because the web hosting is always down despite you paying for your website to be up.. after all that is the whole point of web hosting right? Cheap web hosting for example under $1 a month is always nine out of ten times a scam. Yes you will get web hosting alright but 99% of the time your website wont load. $1 sounds cheap but what is the point of getting web hosting that is never up anyway? Another point you may want to consider if you are still not put off by cheap web hosting is the fact that cheap web hosting is full of cheap spam websites which isn’t good for seo at all. Bing, google and other search engines will not trust your website and in effect rank your site very highly if it is on poor web hosting because it is on the same web hosting as loads of bad spammers which the search engine do not trust so why should the search engine trust your site too? Not only that search engines cannot visit down websites.. thus they cannot crawl and index your website meaning you wont even get on the search engine in the first place and even just slow loading websites which usually comes with cheap web hosting is bad because it is bad for user experience and is a factor for ranking in the search engines.


web hosting downtime is against the law

False advertisement and promises of up time

Poor web hosting breaks the law plain and simple because you pay NO MATTER HOW CHEAPLY for a website to be hosted and available on the internet. If the web host is constantly down this is breaking the contract between you and the webhost. The web hosting is not providing its part of the deal.. for instance if you pay for monthly web hosting it is reasonable to expect the website to be hosted for a month… after all that is what you paid for and was advertised… . If in that time the webhost is down then you are not getting what you paid for and what was agreed. Technical problems are no excuse either.. it is the webhosters duty to make sure that the web hosting is always running. It is only the webhosters fault if the hosting goes down because of “technical issues”.

But as always on the internet law is nothing and scammers can scam who ever they want without consequence.

My advise to you would be make sure you grab good web hosting from  a big company… and not some cheap host you found on a forum for $0.0000001 a month otherwise be prepared to be scammed. If you have got any comments or have been scammed yourself please comment below!

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