Have you tried these?

30 Apr

Have you tried these?

I have always lacked confidence in myself.. I dont know why! But lots of people do, sometimes you can do something about it and give yourself a little confidence boost, and that is what I have done… I think why I have so little confidence is down to the fact that im just below average in height and people pick up on that and like to have a go at me for it. … not nice at all really. You see people are like that and they want to bring people down and look more dominant than everyone else so these little comments here and there makes everyone else think that they are the more dominant person in the social circle. But just like everything you can improve on your height.. HAHA… they will have absolutely no idea.. and you will be more confident and can instead laugh at all of them instead. So what you do? wear height increasing insoles! Iv already wrote about them in my height guide that you can read here. I was a little scared of wearing them at first.. I thought that people would guess and laugh at me even more….. but you cannot even see them and there nothing to worry about honestly. Here is a link to my height guide which will tell you tons more about the insoles and what else you can do to increase your height.

Some people may say all of this is superficial but society is superficial.

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