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Shoe lifts!

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Hello, and welcome to the Superoito Height guide. One of the best height guides freely available to all on the internet. All information on this guide has been scientifically proven to work! This guide offers many different methods to increasing your height including instant solutions and much slower solutions.

We are constantly adding and updating this guide to ensure it is the best possible guide available about getting taller.

My motivation for writing this guide is simple… to help others! I have been bullied relentlessly for years because of my height and got so sick of it all but never knew if I could actually do anything about it… but you can!

Let me start the guide of by explaining what exactly height is….

Human height is typically measured by the distance between the bottom of you feet up to the top of you head when you are standing in a upright position.

Height can differ from country to country and even by region to region.

Average height differences between different populations can be caused by a number of different factors and reasons. Most commonly height can differ due to the differing genetics of the populations this is a factor many widely know but a lesser known cause to differing average height’s between populations can also be cause by environmental and economical factors.

How affluent a country is can significantly determine the average height of the country. The populations of affluent countries will normally tend to be able to be able to afford a healthy lifestyle, with a abundant supply of fresh healthy foods key to growing taller. In contrast to this country’s suffering from poverty and famine do not have access to food and thus malnutrition leads to stunted growth.

Relative poverty in even western countries such as the UK may also cause populations in poorer regions have a smaller average height to those living in richer regions of the country. The gap between rich and poor in the United Kingdom can mean some people cannot afford a healthy diet and lifestyle and instead of eating fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins and nutrition needed to grow taller, buy unhealthy “fast food” and readymade meals that lack the nutrition needed to get taller. This is because these meals are far cheaper and more accessible.

Height can be used as a measure to determine how healthy a individual is.

Did you know that the scientific name for studying height is “Auxlogy”? Scientists and researchers have even compiled height and growth charts as a way of studying the correlation between how tall someone is and their health. You can also use height and growth charts to also predict the genetic expectation of a regional or national population by looking at growth and height trends.
Genetics: It isn’t just all down to a healthy lifestyle.

By seeing how tall your parents are is a good sign at determining how tall you should expect to be. In recent years the average height of some asian countries has been increasing. This is due to the increasing economical status of those countries. This is a great example of how affluence can influence height primarily due to the fact that people can afford better and more healthy lifestyles.
But to further confuse matter, in the United States, the average height has remained stagnant since the 1950’s even though through immigration the genetics, racial and ethnic background of the United States has changed. This may show that because the asian countries mostly were in poverty thus suffered from stunted growth and it has only been recently that they have better access to healthier lifestyles and diets meaning these countries are no longer suffering from stunted growth and the United States populations have not changed its diets since the 1950’s massively meaning that stunted growth from malnutrition is a major determining factor in a populations average height.

Stunted growth due to malnutrition and other environmental factors including war is apparent in countries in parts of Africa and North Korea.

It can be difficult to accurately measure average height of a country down to the fact that it is hard to get a accurate measurement of an individuals because the average height of a person can fluctuate throughout the day, and you would need to measure the individual more than once to determine their actual average height. This makes it hard to calculate the real average height of a country because many are not willing to be at least once let alone more than once a day.

How do we actually grow taller?

We grow taller from a number of different ways including, lengthening of the bones which is due to celluar divisions that occur determined by the levels of human growth hormone in your blood. Good posture can also contribute to growth, having good posture is key at making sure your spine isnt compressed and good posture will ensure your bones are strong and can grow further. Bad posture can result in stunted or abnormal growth.

Height history

The tallest average population in the world between the 18th and 19th century is thought to be Europeans who where living in North America at the time and where considerably taller those those living in Europe. But since the 19th century Europe has since caught up with North America with some countries even having taller populations than North America.
One of these countries that have drastically increase their average height in Europe is the Netherlands. One hundred years ago the netherlands was had one of the smallest populations in the world but since then it is now one of the tallest countries.

The naturally tallest people in the world are the Samoan’s and Tongan’s in the south pacific. The average height of these populations stands at around 5ft 11. Scientists think that this is because of good diets but also because of their genes.

In countries where the population cannot get access to healthy or any food at all, because of reasons such as famine or war like in North Korea and Vietnam the average height is only 5ft 4 inches. There is also evidence to suggest that in North Korea because of the famine that struck the country between thr 1990’s and 2000’s the average height of older North Koreans compared to younger Koreans who grew up during the famine are a lot taller than the younger Koreans.

Research has suggested that how tall you are can drastically influence how successful you are in life plus how much authority you will have or appear to have. Evidence has shown that taller people are more likely to gain peoples trust far quicker than those who are average or below average in height.
With more trust means you are far more likely to get the better jobs. People are also more inclined at listening to taller people opinions due to them seeming to have more authority because of their height. All this plus the fact that you are tall will add to your confidence even more.

How to get taller?

There are three main ways that we will be discussing in this guide, these are diet, exercise and shoe lifts to increase your height.

Exercise such as yoga, swimming and stretching exercises are great to improve posture and in effect increase your height as your spine will become decompressed. Exercises to get taller are usually most beneficial if you are still naturally growing taller. With that said even if you have stopped growing improving your posture will still help you to increase you height because you will be able to decompress your spine and reach your full height potential. However something to note about exercising to increase your height is that it doesn’t always work for everyone and results are often slow (sometimes taking years to see the effects). You must also keep up the exercises to ensure that you do not shrink back to your old height.

It is best to do stretching exercises to increase your height for best results before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up.


When you are still naturally growing (when your growth plates have not fused together), it is important to eat a healthy balanced diet to make sure you are getting enough nutrition to help your body grow taller.
To encourage cellular division your body needs human growth hormone eating the right foods can mean that your body will produce enough human growth hormone for you to grow taller.
When you grow your bones will lengthen so they need to be strong, drinking milk and eating dairy products is a great way to get lots of calcium which is needed for strong bones.
Having lots of vitamin D and C is in your body will also mean that your body will be able to absorb calcium more efficiently.
Zinc is also needed for growing taller as how much zinc you have in your body helps to influence how much hormones your pituitary gland will make. Human growth hormone is very important for growing taller.
Protein is another great ingredient for making you tall. It will help make amino acids needed for making red blood cells to supply the rest of your body with nutrients it needs to grow taller.

Eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients is great if you are wanting to get taller

Protein rich foods






We have already discussed just how important food and diet is to growing taller and how malnutrition can lead to stunted growth.
Before drastically changing your diet please get advise from your doctor.
Shoe lifts are a proven way to increase height!

Hollywood stars wear Shoe lifts to increase their height. The shoe inserts can boost anyone confidence and make them appear much taller than they actually are.Even though all the Hollywood stars wear these height increasing insoles they are much more affordable than you might actually think!

Shoe lifts are lightweight in design thus the shoe insert will not weigh down your feet while you are walking.

If you have stopped growing but would still like to increase your height and you don’t have a lot of time to do exercise or diet plans then shoe lifts are for you! Wearing shoe lifts (or sometimes called height increasing insoles or heel lifts) can increase your height within seconds! The simple design means all you have to do is slip them into any of your existing shoes and put your shoes on and you will be inches taller instantly!

What make shoe lifts the best option to for increasing height is that they are affordable, comfortable, discrete, adjustable and instant.

Shoe lifts were invented as a alternative to elevator shoes. Elevator shoes are expensive, heavy and you could only where one pair of shoes to increase your height whereas with shoe lifts they are interchangeable and you can swap them in and out of any of your shoes easily and whenever you want.

One of the best things about these shoe lifts is that you only need 1 pair!

Stand tall and be confident with the piece of mind that nobody will know you are wearing shoe lifts. Shoe lifts are hidden inside your shoes making them discrete and impossible for people to tell you have them on. The only real way people will would know you are wearing shoe lifts is if you told them.

With a design built around comfort and orthotics and with in built arch support means that you are able to wear your height increasing insoles all day without the worry of any discomfort or pain.

Shoe lifts are far more comfortable to wear then regular insoles

Here at Superoito we supply loads of different shoe lifts ranging in many different sizes and designs to suit anyone’s requirements. We supply silicone gel, foam and rubber shoe lifts because these materials are strong, durable and firm and unlike soft insoles will give you constant support, height and comfort.

With diet and exercise results are not guaranteed but with shoe lifts you can appear taller instantly!

The adjustable feature

Shoe lifts give you the option to adjust the height of the shoe lifts whenever you want, quickly and easily. This means you can gradually build up to a height that you are comfortable with over time making it seem that you are slowly growing taller.

By combining a healthy lifestyle, height increasing exercises such as stretching to improve posture and by using shoe lifts you can stand the tallest you can possibly be!

Finally, it is no good blabbing on about them and not actually tell you where to get some so here is a good place to start if you are wanting to get some for yourself.

Thank you for reading our Superoito guide on increasing your height. If you have any questions or comments concerning anything documented in this guide please comment below. We aim at addressing and answering any questions as soon as possible.

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