How to be taller

30 Oct

How to be taller

Recently I suffered from depression brought on by ahem my height. I know this sounds superficial and vain of me but when people are ways having small digs about your height (something you cant change) it does start to bring you down. So for everyone out there wanting to get a bit taller and to shut people up heres what I know…

Lets get straight to the point the best ways to be taller that are the safest and fastest are.

  • Stretching exercises
  • Shoes lifts

You should avoid

Human growth hormones buying unnecessary human growth hormones that have not been specially prescribed by a doctor is a very bad idea, not to mention human growth hormones wont do much at all if your growth plates have fused together… after the growth plates in your bones fuse cellular growth in your bones is impossible no matter how many human growth hormone pills you take. Taking human growth hormone pills can have lots of serious side-effects.

Surgery (dangerous)

Isn’t it frustrating when you are at the movies and you cannot see the film being shown because the person sat in front of you is too tall and is blocking your view? You know what Im talking about right? You dont have to worry thought any longer of not being able to see in the cinemas anymore because with some shoe lifts and posture exercises it wont be you who wont be able to see the movie at the cinema but the folks sat behind you..

You might actually laugh a tad to yourself when I tell you this but you can be tall.. take me for example I was a right midget until I started doing some regular and straight forward exercises to help boost my height.. doing the right back exercises and stretches will help decrease the stress and compression gravity has on your back and spine, the muscles in your back will be stronger and better at resisting gravity and stopping gravity pushing down on your spine this all means that the space between vertebrae is reduced this equals more height!

If you are thinking that stretching exercises are just too time consuming and just take too long and you want height right now without the waiting then I guess I could tell you about shoe lifts as well. Shoe lifts are available online and have done me a world of good helping giving me 3 more inches in height and because of that I have lots more confidence not only that the lifts are simple to put on.. all you do is put the lifts in your shoes and start wearing your shoes..done. 3 inches can be a lot of height especially all at once.. some shoe lifts though will let you change this by letting you adjust the height to a height that you feel most comfortable with some folks will also just slowly adjust the height on the heels of these shoe lifts over a period of time… by doing this you can fool your friends and make them think your growing taller naturally and without the help of shoe lifts… (Very few people even know about shoe lifts and because you cant see them in your shoes many people will not guess you have them on anyway).

So dont put up with not being able to you favorite films at the movies… either do something about it or stop complaining about that guy blocking your view!

There are so many more benefits of being taller than just being able to see at the movies.. here are a couple more.

Wanting to know exactly how to grow taller? I have written a guide about growing taller here.

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