Best ways to grow taller

13 Oct

Best ways to grow taller

Iv been so depressed recently all down to my height. Im not vain or anything like that I just want to feel good about myself and stop people from having little pops at my height…. because there’s only so much you can take of it. Now though Iv manage dto up my height by 3 inches so I thought id share how I did it… it was actually pretty straight forward. I hope this post helps someone out there!

If you are a teenager looking for height then you can still actually do something about increasing your height, if how ever you are a adult you may only have a few limited ways to increase your height. From wearing things like shoe lifts to grow taller.. to eating right to stop you from stunting your growth and not reaching the height you are really meant to there are quite a few things you must know to be tall!

Growing taller is all about what you eat, and what your genetics are like. These two factors are the biggest factors that decide how tall you are going to grow and when you will stop growing. Even if you have tall genes and you are genetically meant to grow tall you can still stunt your growth if you do not give you body the right nutrition it needs for growth.

Growth can be stunted not only by lack of nutrition but also through bad habits as well like smoking and having bad posture…(bad posture will not necessarily make you stop growing only make you look a lot smaller than you actually are and your spine will be compressed together due to the lack of supporting back muscles).

Amino acids are really important they are what make cellular growth actually happen! You can get amino acid from protein and some vegetables too. It is not advised to take amino acids supplements as this can prevent you from getting a balanced diet as supplements can mean you get one thing at something else as well what your body needs.. eating the right kinda of foods in a healthy balanced diet is much easier to get the right and safe amounts of nutrition that your body is deigned to cope with.

Exercises to grow taller… Exercises will not make you start growing taller but will just stretch out your body.. strengthen supporting muscles giving you much better posture and because gravity can actually compress your spine and body your muscles will be stronger to resist against gravity and lessen this making you gain some extra centimeters… good posture can give you lots more inches on your height if you have really bad posture.

Height increasing shoe lifts

Shoe lifts are used by not actually that many people.. dunno why though.  Wearing shoe lifts hold so many benefits and no negatives (I cant think of any really.. apart from if you have them on to high they may start to damage your feet.. so no more than 2.5 inches I would recommend). Some may say wearing shoe lifts is like cheating but who is to even know that you are wearing them when they are hidden inside your shoes.. the only possible way people will even possibly know your wearing them is if you show people them. Shoe lifts opens up the possibility of height gain at any age and it is easy to see why.. as height insoles are a instant solution to getting taller.. that requires no effort.. exercise and even if you have stopped growing naturally you still are able to get taller with them. I wouldn’t call wearing shoe lifts cheating…

A few positive points to wearing shoe lifts are

  • Comfortable to wear (far more comfortable than elevator shoes)
  • Can be inserted into any shoes you have and whenever you want.
  • Adds 3 inches… and this height can be changed too using stacks to add and take away height on the heel of the shoe lifts this mean you can be the height your are comfortable with or slowly you can adjust your height up with them making it appear to your mates you are just growing taller naturally and not using shoe lifts (if they even know what shoe lifts are in the first place).
  • Instant so you wont be wasting much time like other grow taller ways.
  • Good to combine with height exercise to get good posture to boost your height even more.
  • And finally shoe lifts are inexpensive as well

Here is a online store which sells a great pair of height increasing shoe lifts

And their you have it some great ways to help you grow taller. If you have anymore questions comment below




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