How to make a video game

27 Dec

How to make a video game


Making your own video game isn’t as hard as you might think and really is quite fun.

If you want to make your very own 3d game what you will need is something called a game engine… It is in the game engine that lets you put together all the different game components from the scenery, characters and ai and even audio of the game. Their are plenty of game engines that can be downloaded for free and there are many other game engines that are used for commercial purposes and can cost quite a bit of money.


Some say that to create a totally unique game you need to code a totally unique game engine.. but I don’t think this is the case take unity for example the unity game engine is used to create a whole range of different games from mobile 2d puzzle games to 3d massively multiplayer online games. You may not need to code a whole new game engine yourself but if you want a game with unique features only found in your game then you will need to find away to code it into your game but don ‘t worry most game engines allow you to create these adjustments with a coding language such as C+

Even if you do not have any programming knowledge it is still possible for you to create your own 2d or 3d game… most game engines will be packed with test games and templates and all you have to do is fill your game with custom content like 3d models… your game features mayn’t be unique but if you are creative you can still make a original and fun game using the templates.

3d modelling is easy

3d modelling is needed to make the game models in your game.. without it you game would be pretty empty and boring.

3d modelling isn’t as hard as you may think… 3d modelling is done in 3d modelling software such as Autodesk maya(expensive) and Blender 3d(FREE).. You can create highly detailed and great characters for your games using these 3d applications.. a good thing to try is using image planes with references of what you want to model on them to help you get the right proportions when you create your model. It is best if you are modelling for games to makes sure that your 3d models are lowpoly… so you don’t slow down the game. For movies often the models will be much much higher in polys than for 3d games but this is because games are played in real time and need to be fast whereas in movie animations the scenes are usually rendered for a couple of hours.

What’s next… textures

Textures are important when creating models because they are like the skins of your models and to help keep your game from being slow often texture will have bump maps (created by making a high detailed model and then exporting as a bump map texture in 3d sculpting programs like mudbox) in them which will react with in game light creating shadows and bumps without effecting your low poly model.. this creates detail but doesn’t slow down your game.

Rigging and animating

Animation is important for character models and even just normal models.. animation helps to give them life.

If you are creating a 3d character you will need animation to make the character alive. This is done with rigging and animating.. you must rig a “skeleton!” which is basically.. a skeleton that helps you move the body parts around… assigning vertices to the different bone parts. After you have done rigging the character you must then animate it.. using frames.. frames are important as they help structure your animation and help later with ai.


Once you have finally finished modelled, created the texture and have rigged and animated your character the next thing you must do is add it it too you game and create some AI for it. Ai tells the game character what to do and assigns the animations to the actions in the game. Ai can be quite difficult.. some devs will use existent AI from other characters as a template instead of rewriting AI all over again…
Without Ai your character would move.. wouldn’t die when shot and wouldn’t attack you…

Levels of a game

Creating a game level can be as complex or as simple as you want… Think of creating your game level like setting up a movie scene… most of the more simpler game engines will work with drag and drop functionality where you simply drag your model onto the scene and position it where you want… Some 3d game engines will have a inbuilt terrain editor where you create a simple terrain plain.. and with brushes you are able to sculpt mounts and craters into the terrain… with other brushes to allow you to paint grass and other textures onto your terrain.. even 3d trees and foliage can be added as well if you want.

Levels of the game in Unity 3d levels are saved as scenes, you can create different levels and save them.. using portals to get from one level to the next… or you can choose to just create one big level and have a sandbox game it is totally up to you..its your game.

Building your game

Some game engines are quite simple when you have finished making your game the game engine will simply compile your game altogether and export it as a playable version which you can distribute to your friends.. others are a little bit more difficult. With untiy3d you get to decide whether you want to build your game as a mobile game, a online game.. a desktop game or something else.

-Anyway I hope I have covered all the basics of game development, I have tried to keep this quick guide simple to understand and concise if you have any more question please comment below and I will be happy to answer you questions or problems.

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  1. Yes Unity is a nice bit of kit…..
    We are developing a game engine to allow people to make their own games using a drag n drop facility (without the need to know programming)….

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