It begins!

Today I am gonna try out my new resistance bands that I have bought from Nuovahealth (I chose those ones because well firstly because they were cheap and secondly they offer just enough resistance which I need) as part of my plan to get fitter and healthier for summer… I have tried all of this before last year but because I am so lazy I just simply gave up but this time I am quite determined not to…..before I didn’t have a mp3 player to listen to music and I really do need something to distract me and keep me entertained while I exercise either but now I did I haven’t ever used resistance bands but my friends who swears by them says they are amazing and such a easy exercise but will make your muscles ache afterwards which is what it is all about. Me I dont really get tired from exercising to much I just get bored that’s my biggest problem once I get bored I simply cannot concentrate and cannot focus on the exercise…. resistance bands are quick and easy to do and you can change what you do with them as well so hopefully I shouldn’t get bored doing them and give up. I am not just going to use resistance bands I think Resistance bands will help loosen up my body and get me warmed up and focused as I have to keep my mind and body guessing for the best workout so I am going to obviously going to do some weight training with bench press (I am not quite sure what weight I will be lifting yet not done weight in a long time) then I think I will then do some chin ups and dips……finishing off with a run outside somewhere no idea where….. I think all that sounds good to me and If I do this 3 times a week I should be fit and healthy in no time right? Good plan right?

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