Just installed the new wordpress

22 Sep

Just installed the new wordpress

So I just installed the new WordPress finally and I cant tell the difference. I was expecting for version 4 there to be tons of new cool features… but once again I am disappointed just like I was  when version 3 came out. I keep on thinking that they are going to change wordpress to be more front end and turn wordpress into something like drupal.. but that day never happens and I guess at the end of the day wordpress is simply a blog platform and there really isn’t much else to a blog fundamentally.

If you do have a look at the wordpress list of things they have added and changed in the new version you will see that most of the changes are most back end and security things… boring but I guess security features are very important and stops your site from being hacked by the usual ugg boot spammers.


Ps,  I wish that drupal was more popular and had more themes and customization to it else I would be using that.. they don’t seem to update druapl very often which makes me a little scared about using it too… security and all.

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