Making money blogging

9 Oct

Making money blogging

Making money blogging is a near impossible task.. but is possible…just. Too make proper money from blogging you need adverts and lots and lots of web traffic! Too few visitors to your blog will mean you will only be making mere pennies..

The first rule of making money from your blog is by forgetting about making money.. that mayn’t make sense at first but please bare with me… what i mean is that you must create blog posts that are interesting and not superficial and just aimed at making money from your visitors. Dont let the pursuit of increasing profits wreck the message and credibility of your blog. The best blogs are those that blog for a hobby and not for money.

The second rule of making money blogging is to know what seo is. Seo will be your main source of traffic although the end goal would be not be relying to much on search engine traffic but establishing your website so much that people know and come directly to your blog to see what you have got to say.

SEO was a great way to spark your blog off with visitors and subscribers enabling you to get your foot in the door of the blogging world so to speak but now getting traffic from search engines is a lot harder than it used to be and you have got to remember that the goal posts of ranking in the search engines change all the time so it is best to be aware of seo but not dependent on it. Search engine optimization takes a lot of hard work… not only on your own website making sure that your keyword density, content and site structure is all on par to what the search engine want you must also build high quality backlinks that are designed to be helpful not to the search engines but other internet users. Google has been telling webmasters for quite sometime that they should not build links themselves otherwise risk being bumped down int he search results for creating unnatural links instead webmasters should focus on good quality content that people naturally link to… Google make it sound so easy that all you have to do is write something great and people will come and link to you boosting your position in the search results increasing your website traffic… But the truth is this is a stupid idea…. all websites have to start somewhere.. no links, and no real traffic not to mention noone can find you because you will be at the bottom of the search engines because your website has no links despite how good your website is… So you must find this initial traffic for your website from somewhere… you can do this by sharing your website with your friends on social network websites and hoping that they will share your website as well with even more people… Apart from that there really isnt much else you can do that wouldn’t be against google’s rules… Well you could always build you own backlinks in the style of natural backlinks.. by creating forum posts.. and even whole new blogs pointing to yours.

Sometimes boring blogs dont do so well… nobody likes reading boring blogs.. be clever and be interesting if you dont know what to blog about.. make something up.. or write about something you are interested in… small thin blogs without much content are not very profitable because less ,pages to find on the search engines. There are plenty of things you can blog about… if you know a lot about health and fitness then you can blog about just that.. or if you like watching sports cool… you can set up your own sports blog talking about your favorite team and sport!

I hoep these quick tips for blogging and making money from your even if just a little bit. Sorry i couldnt be more specific, as their really isnt any fixed formula.


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