New music.. no thank you

I cannot remember the last time I listened to the radio I gave up with mainstream new music a long time ago… and before you say I am just one of those grumpy old people who always think of how good things used to be I am not! Music has lost its whole purpose and has became a cooperate property for mass consumption. I dont know when music was at its peak.. maybe sometime in the 90′s or early 00′s but music today does not compare at all to what used to be played in between the goofy radio djs rants on the radio. I also blame rap and hip hop started the decline as this “music” should not be called music at all rather just fast talking where you brag a lot with a fast beat in the background for brainwashing purposes. Me I am not a fan of music today… and I dont think music will ever be as it was because it is now a buisness that works on creating music for the masses as this is the only way to maximize profits creating music that is unique and not part of the usual money making equation just isnt what these cooperate greedy people at the top want.

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