Old music playlist ideas (nostalgia)

13 Mar

Old music playlist ideas (nostalgia)

Here some good ideas to add to your playlist! Comment below if you got some more suggestions… Dont worry Ill blog about more songs when I think of them. I know you may have already heard of many of these but its all ways good to be reminded of “forgotten” songs espcially when radios nowadays are always just playing the same old rubbish new songs, after all nostalgia is great!

Nothing is better than the good old times but some times we forget what songs helped define us…. I am rather sick of just about all new music it just in my opinion rubbish! So if you struggling to to listen to something good.. why not listen to these good old songs for a change..

Reef -place your hands. This is one real classic song that is just sheer brilliance in every way and brings back so many great memories!

Another one you shouldn’t listen to is Spin doctor – two princes, song is hard to keep up with and is quite random at places but that’s the whole point! If this song doesn’t bring back memories of the 90s then I dont really know what else will. It is a classic and one of the best songs ever in my opinion!

Ocean Color scene – The riverboat song!!! Its not just a song it is a statement! Great for if you are on a road trip!!!! You need to at least play this song at least once otherwise it aint a road trip… just a trip.

R.E.M Losing my religion Very catchy song, but much more than that. What more can I say you gotta listen to this one.

What else can I add to this playlist? Hmmm… well how about some rock.

Smash mountain walk’in on the sun! Now that is a good song and a half, near impossible to sing though as it so fast and with so many words..Well I bet you wouldn’t be able to sing it? right?


How about some Pearl Jam? Pearl Jam – Jeremy.. anyone? Classic rock song right? what more is there to say about this one.

Goo goo dolls – Iris, a perfect song probably to end this brilliant playlist!

Well I hope I have given you some good ideas atleast to help you put together your own playlist. If this collection of music doesn’t convince you that the 90′s and the early 2000′s had some of the best music then I really dont know how else I will convince you.

(I dont link to youtube videos because I disagree with what youtube has done to the music industry and I dont like google)

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