Online scam get paid to do websites!

9 Oct

Online scam get paid to do websites!

Here is something that might not make you smile.. its about scammers! More and more websites are popping up on the internet offering people a easy way to earn money online. Get paid to do websites they are called. These scams take on a different stance to the more conventional online scams.. These scam websites dont want your bank information these guys instead want your time! They want you to fill out affiliate offers.. surveys.. and other stuff like watching online adverts which helps them make money through whatever ad scheme they have going on.On these website for each “offer” you complete you will earn points.. these points will then be able to convert into cash or prizes which you can buy with your points on their online shop. But these points are actually worthless because the points wont convert into anything but a ban. As soon as you request to cash out or to claim a prize your account will be terminated (banned) often with the ban will be some dumb excuse like “you didn’t follow the rules properly” or something along those lines (some website may not even bother with a excuse).

So you wont be getting anything from these scam websites you will just be wasting your time. What is rather sickening is the fact that these website targeted towards teenagers… offering them the chance to wins games or mp3 players…. But to get a game requires a huge amount of “points” to buy £30-£50… and when the average survey pays £1 to complete which can take 10 to 15 minutes you can see for yourself that it will take you a long time and a lot of offers to get to being able to claim something like a game.. only for all that time and effort to be wasted when your account is banned and the get paid to do website owners go to the bank laughing.

These website will have received their money from the affiliate offers they give users from the ad company’s that give them to these get paid to do websites so why should they then give away any of that money? There are plenty more fools in the internet sea for them to exploit…

*Even if these get paid to do websites were not scams they are not a real viable option to be making money anyway. You will only be making pennies and far less than the minimum wage for completing the offers.


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