13 Mar


Is’nt it annoying when you create a website and then pay to host it on a webhost and then one day you go to your website and it just isn’t there anymore. There seems to be a huge increase in scammers online particularly in the webhsoting niche. One way they try to get around laws and to trick people is to set up a business and then say that they have later sold the business and it is no longer there responsibility it is then really hard to then find out if this is true or not and because scammers online often try to be anonymous and create loads of different alias after the scammers have your money ti really is quite difficult to track them down and these guys will continue to scam more and more people until they get caught.. these guys are true slime balls.

I am really quite annoyed with the fact that I got scammed by that hositng company maybe I should of known better… but I guess the only thing I can do now is file a dispute on paypal and try to get my money back if I can.

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