11 Dec


Search engines optimization what the heck is that? Well to get straight to the point search engine optimization is the practice of improving your website and its credibility in the search engines eyes in such a way that your website ranks higher in the search results for a targeted search term which you are optimizing for.

Seo, is very dynamic and is constantly changing all the time not because people who do seo want to make it change but because the rules of seo are changing that the search engine uses to rank sites. You have numerous rankings factors which have widely changed the way websites and business can rank in the business. It used to be in the past that you were able to make a website rank highly in the search results by keyword stuff, and sending lots of random links to your site, however search engines now deem this as manipulative and will penalize any site trying to do such practices like doing off page seo of creating fake unnatural links or trying to make a site rank high with spammy on page techniques like keyword stuffing. Time have changes and the search engines are for more sophisticated than they have ever been and can now more easily detect whether a website is spam and created soly to rank highly in the search engines or not. On page factors are taken into account when determining just where to rank a site like how relevant the site is for a keyword, does the page use its own high quality content or does it scrape other peoples? IS the site fats at loading? Does it have any more good pages related to the search keyword which may suggest the website knows what it is talking about? Off page seo factors such as links and social metrics are also used for determining a sites position it is thought that the more good website linking to a site a bit like a mini internet democracy shows that the site is trusted by other so must be of value and should rank higher than others that have lesser or fewer links pointing to them. Spammy links though is a problem that many search engines face but algos like the google penguin algo can easily sniff out those manipulative and spammy links designed to game the system. Some ways the algos work out whether a link is natural or not is by looking at things like keyword density of a website.. it is a sign that something isn’t quite right is all the links for example to a website use the same anchor text even more so if all the anchor text is that keyword that a website maybe trying to rank for.Spammy low value links can be ones that have been automatically generated, seo tools will build hundreds, thousands or millions of links on spammy rubbish websites in a attempt to build links. But because search engines can notice trends and patterns of links coming from auto approve blogs, forum profiles and other sources of these garbage links it can be quite easy for search engines to detect and penalize these sites trying to game the system.

Another way search engines may try to check whether a site is trying to game the system is by checking to see if paid link are being used… Paid links that pass pr are against the search engines guidelines…. These links are often picked up because they are usually found on irrelevant website using exact targeted anchor text, manual action is usually taken to combat these kinds of links as paid links are much harder to detect than spammy low value links.

As you can see the only real way to rank high in the search engines is to create good links…..not for the search engines but for users only!

For most of my websites that I control I dont do the on page seo but just get this Sheffield seo company called jmx to help do the on page for me, I also dont bother with seo because its pointless due to the fact that only high pr super websites can rank anyway nowadays even if you put tons of effort and create the best website in the world.

In this post I am sorry If I sound like I am backing up the search engines and coming across as saying “oh poor multi billion dollar search engines” in fact I am against the way search engines are destroying small businesses and controlling the internet. It wont be long until they are controlling everything we do outside the internet too with how much money they make the monopoly will soon grow out of the search engines. I think the search engine sparticulary google are evil!

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