Sorry the blog was down I was scammed!

13 Mar

Sorry the blog was down I was scammed!

If you regularly read this blog you may find that in the last couple days the blog has been down… I was scammed by a stupid webhosting company that is why, and what is worse I have pretty much lost a whole months work as well because the last time I backed up wordpress was when I moved from one webhost to the webhost that scammed me. The scammers were a webhsoting company called dabuu which you have to pay a whole year webhosting in advance for then a month into the webhosting I received a email that dabuu was selling up and it was up to the new owenrs to keep me running or not…… but after doing some research there were no new owners it was a whole scam run by some nerd in leeds who has pulled this scam 5 others times before by setting up webhosting businesses and then quickly selling them.. or rather just running off with peoples money..  I guess the moral of the story is dont use cheap rubbish hosts that ask for a years payment in advance and make sure you back up stuff!

Hopefully with any look I will be able to get back my old posts through google cache or something but I might bee too late.

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