Stop with the stupid spam already!

28 Mar

Stop with the stupid spam already!

Spammers are at the moment hammering my blog with silly posts and track backs about their stupid christian louboutin outlet stores and other garbage… There only looking for links (though its a bit dumb anyway as they use bots to create these links and must specifically target wordpress which is no follow anyway so even if they did manage to get a post posted on a wordpress blog for whatever reason.. like someone forgot to set comments to be moderated then the link will be pretty useless in seo terms anyway as no follow means that search engines bots discount the link..well I guess what more do you expect from a bunch of foreign morons in third world countries who dont know any better than getting on peoples nervous? Search engines have been trained anyway to penalize website doing this type of thing….. there just really dumb spammers!

Im going to have to disable trackbacks on this blog… already set custom comment question before posting anyway but that prooved not enough… Morons are using up my bandwidth thats one of my main concerns….. another one is because they are using these rubbish bots if the bot then think that for what ever reason a link has been placed on your site you may find that they start building teird spammy links to your site which will harm your own search engines rankings.

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