The best music possible?

15 Dec

The best music possible?

“Without meaning music it nothing but noise”

All chart music nowadays seems to make me yawn it has no meaning and more importantly it just feels as though it is just noise created to advertise. So superficial. When I listen to music I want to be inspired not feel bad about myself and that my life is so much “worse” than the person bragging about their material possessions in the song. In fact sometimes I like to listen to music that has no lyrics in it all. All this to me can be all the inspiration I need and maybe a added touch of nostalgia too wont go a miss!

The best music possible has to be by MOBY! porcelain and Why does my heart feel so bad are my favorites. Music by Moby is the most inspirational, powerful and meaningful music not to mention it sounds the best as well.

So stop listening to your superficial garbage and listen to some Moby that is if you want to give real music a try….

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