The end of google? Good riddance!

5 Oct

The end of google? Good riddance!

Google penguin 2.1 is the most recent of the google penguin updates and my goodness has it made a mess of the serps… For instance  search queries that you can search for will now just come up with predictable and well.. rubbish search results. Big brands that people have already heard of dominate and countless and rather pointless youtube videos fill page after page…which kind of breaks the point of search… Searching should be about finding new things that you dont already know.. not a list of amazon and ebay listings.. wouldn’t we go directly there if we wanted those results? I feel that googles greed of trying to force small businesses to buy adwords will surely be its down fall.. already bing and other search engines are quickly gaining more fans. Is this the beginning of the end for google? Quickly google is loosing huge numbers of fans with each one of these “updates” by ruining peoples online businesses and webmasters do not see google as trying to rid their search engine of spam webmasters instead see google as trying to rid their search engine of small businesses. With social networks (excluding google+) helping people to find new information on the internet and with the sharing of content on social media opening up the window of finding things you otherwise wouldn’t have thought about means google is quickly being replaced with a way of search that is more socially orientated. With googles arrogance and even tax avoidance here in the UK google is not seen as a good company anymore but a evil one… now with really bad search results. Goodbye google and good riddance.

(If you have been effected by any of the google penguin and panda updates what you should do is create a website how you want not how google wants and get it seen and shared on social networks, dont rely on the luck of search engines and people searching and finding your website. Be seen and share your website instead!)

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