The pen tool is so annoying

The pen tool is the most annoying tool but is the most important for drawing vector graphics in illustrator, Photoshop or a copycat program. With the pen tool you will ask it to do something and then it does the complete opposite of what you are wanting it to do. I really do not like the pen tool and wish that adobe create a good alternative something that is more creative and doesn’t force you to do silly almost mathematical line and curve drawing just so you can draw something simple and straightforward. Adobe got vector drawing almost right in flash.. Drawing vectors in flash (although a bit blobby) is easy and straight forward you draw a line and then quickly drag with a mouse the curvature of that line. Why cant they implement something like this in photoshop or illustrator for all of us creative people who just want to freely be able to draw vectors and not have to work out angles and degrees just to draw some simple shape? The pen tool is really limiting… I guess I will never fully understand why they dont just throw the pen tool in the bin I know I want to… It so frustrating all I want to draw is a circle….

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