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We are proud to welcome you the Superoito, the best place to be if you are looking for quality foot care products. We dispatch your orders on the same day we receive them and worldwide! We specialise in a wide range of foot care product’s including orthotic insoles and heel grips and pads to help support your feet and make wearing shoes more comfortable, plus Height increasing insoles which will make you stand taller.
We pride ourselves on good service to all our customers and we aim at providing quality and good value products to anyone. We listen to our customers and give them the opportunity to give feedback and reviews on all our products.

We only sell the very best products that meet our strict quality guidelines in ensuring all items that we deliver to you are of the highest quality and standard and in the best condition. With all our products, if for what ever reason you are not entirely happy with your purchase you may send the item back to us within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund (including postage costs).
At Superoito we have a wide range of product including:

Height increasing shoe lift insoles

Forget about being unhappy about your height with these shoe lifts! Use our shoe lift insoles that cleverly slip inside most shoes and boots to start to increase your height instantly. These discrete insoles have been cleverly designed to give anyone a instant boost in height and even more confidence! We also sell these shoe lifts to people also who are using the shoe lifts to help with leg length discrepancies. Our shoe lift’s come in a range of different shoe sizes and you can buy them made out of a number of different materials such as rubber insoles, Silicone gel insoles, and foam insoles, all of which have been specially made with orthotics in mind and with clever shock absorbing technology to help reduce foot pain meaning you can be tall all day long without any discomfort.
Recent research has suggested that people that are above average in height have a much higher chance of better job prospects than those who are average or below average in height, this is mainly because taller people tend to be able to have a advantage in job interviews thanks to their height giving them the better first impression as taller people are generally more trusted, tallness also gives people a increase in authority in the work place and people tend to listen to taller people more increasing chance for promotion!
Height increasing insoles can also gain you confidence and self esteem, you will be less self conscious. Being tall also means that you stand out from the crowd and people will notice you more and talk to you more often! Our height increasing shoe lifts can be adjusted in size, so you can fool all your friends into thinking you are gradually growing taller by the clever stacking system the height increasing insoles have. Add or take away from your height quickly and easily and whenever you like. Because the height increasing insoles are so discrete and hide at the bottom of your shoes nobody will know you are wearing them and will just think you are naturally tall.

The shoe lifts are also interchangeable meaning you don’t have to be stuck with wearing them in one pair of shoes, this makes shoe lifts a far better and more affordable option than buying expensive elevator shoes where you are stuck with one pair of shoes. Shoe lifts can easily be swapped between quickly and easily any of your existing shoes with zero hassle whenever you want.

Being taller has never been so easy with these height increasing shoe lift inserts! They are affordable and a easy and convenient way to increase your height right away!

Why not browse our selection of shoe lifts today and see for yourself?

Orthotic and Arch Support Insoles

Not only do our arch support insoles act as a shock absorber but they can also spread pressure that can build on one point of your heel that can over time be damaging and spread this pressure through out your foot which is great for preventing foot pain and problems in the long term.
We have had many happy customers who have said that using our insoles has made walking and standing for long period’s of time a lot more comfortable. Our arch support insoles can help to eliminate pain that may occur in heel, arch or ball of your foot! Our insoles have been adapted to fit just about any kind of footwear, designed based on the shape and anatomy of the foot means maximum comfort!

Regular insoles tend to be flat in design and offer no pain prevention at all and in fact wearing flat insoles can actually do more damage than you may actually think. You feet naturally have a arch and with the added pressure of forces such as gravity and your body weight weighing down on this arch it can be pushed down making your feet flat this can cause over time lasting damage to your feet. But by wearing a pair of our orthotic insoles with built in arch support you can give the support your feet need and help to prevent foot cramps and discomfort.

We are constantly expanding our product ranges to ensure that we can offer our customers a wide selection of the best products that actually work and make a difference.

Buying orthtoic insoles or arch support insoles is a very sensible and affordable way to protect your feet from foot pain today and foot pain and problems in the future. You can look at our great selection of orthotic insoles today and buy a pair that suits you.

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